blessed. favored. loved.

Living under grace.

The more you know God, the more you will see His Holiness, the more you see His Holiness, the more you will see your sin which leads you to deeper depths of conviction, contrition and mourning,but if that’s all you see,you are in trouble. But with that greater revelation of God’s Holiness and with the greater revelation of your sin, also comes a greater revelation of what God has done for you in Christ and that unconditional love and that grace abounding to the chief of sinner.The more you walk with Christ, the deeper is your contrition and mourning over sin and yet greater is your joy and there’s transmission that goes on, no longer is your joy found in your own performance but is found in the finish work of Christ so if the devil walks in and starts to point out all kinds of things about you, you yawn and you don’t even know the half of it.
This is never been about us.This is never been about you. We don’t hope in us. We hope in Him.
— Paul Washer (via community4christ)

(via community4christ)

3 minutes and 14 seconds from each of the 53 animated Disney classics in celebration of Pi Day (by Oh My Disney)

(Source: mickeyandcompany)

Who is your favorite character from Frozen?

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